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A message from the Creator Annessa Smith

A message from the Creator Annessa Smith

Hey y’all! I just wanted to tell a little story about our brand. I started this swimwear brand in 2019. From a love of vacations! If you ask me to go to a party my answer will be “I don't Know I’ll see” If you ask me to go to a bar, same answer. If you ask me to go to dinner my answer may be “OK (I LOVE TO EAT) but I’ll see (because I have food at home lol) But if you ask me do I want to go on vacation… my answer will be “YES! When where what time should I be at the airport???” (My suitcase stays in my hallway ready to be re~packed and GO!) It’s just my favorite thing to do in life. So because of this, a girl needs a lot of swimwear. We gotta post pics right?? One day, I was planning for a big birthday trip. I go Shopping to my favorite ritzy store in NYC. I GOTTA BE CUTE! I tried on a bunch of swimsuits. The so called “normal” sizes did not fit  I’m a solid size 14. The so called “plus sizes” all had a frumpy matronly look to it. I finally found One I liked. I actually Loved it. It was pretty. It fit well. The quality was great. But the price tag, THE PRICE WAS $300! OMG! For one swimsuit! So I stood There talking to myself and convinced myself that it’s my birthday so I’m going to buy it. Took my new suit home, laid it out on the bed just staring at it. Thinking, WHY DID I BUY THIS? With $300 I can fill my fridge. I can Pay my family cell phone bill. I could have bought many swimsuits and coverups too with $300. The next day I returned that fabulous swimsuit. But I kept thinking about it. And BOOM! ThicknThinSwimwear was conceived…In my head. I decided I will make my own line of swimwear for women like me. Women that want to wear the same stylish swimsuits that I saw in the “normal” sizes in my size also  AND I want That same $300 quality. I want Women from all walks of life, women of all shapes and sizes AND ages to be able to afford a beautiful sexy colorful quality made swimsuit at an affordable price. AND FEEL CONFIDENTLY SEXY!! That’s my mission. Alas, ThicknThinSwimwear was born. That was in 2019. So after being here for 3yrs now, I can Confidently tell you “THANK US LATER FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS YOU WILL RECEIVE” Because it’s the truth  I GUARANTEE IT! 



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